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a b o u t   a n t i d r ò


a r t i s t s

the label antidrò was started in 2020 by swiss drummer and composer clemens kuratle. founded initially to release his own work, it is in the longterm meant to be a home to a wide range of creative and carefully produced music that reflects the now.




a r t i s t (s)

c l e m e n s   k u r a t l e
m u r m u l l o



«His sensitive, colourful sonic universe is maybe most comparable to the one of Brian Blade.»

Pirmin Bossart (Jazz'n'More/CH)

«With his quintet Murmullo, the drummer Clemens Kuratle is adding an exciting facet to swiss independent jazz. (...) no top-head conceptual art, but eclectic, progressive jazz »

Tom Gsteiger (Der Bund/CH)


Born in 1991 in Bern, Switzerland, Clemens started playing the drums at the early age of 6. After studying with Gerry Hemingway, Norbert Pfammatter and Pierre Favre at the HSLU Jazz Departement, he quickly established himself as one of switzerlands most in-demand young drummers for modern creative music, always complementing but not overshadowing the music with his unique voice on the drums. His critically acclaimed quintet Murmullo with Clemens being the drummer and composer, featuring Jonathan Maag on tenor, Florian Weiss on trombone, Franz Hellmuller on guitar and Rafael Jerjen on bass, was nominated for the ZKB-Jazzpreis, switzerlands most prestigious jazz award, in 2019.

  A commission of the Jazzwerkstatt Bern led to the foundation of the international quintet Ydivide, featuring Elliot Galvin, Dee Byrne, Chris Guilfoyle and Lukas Traxel.

«Murmullo unites musical personalities, able to execute Kuratle's diverse compositions with impressiv dynamic, urgency and personal touch.»

Norbert Krampf (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/DE)

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